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furnace san antonio
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Stay Warm All Winter Long

While San Antonio is known mainly for its long scorching summers, make no mistake—it still gets pretty chilly here during the winter. So don't get left out in the cold. Make sure your furnace and heating systems are in good working order. Contact a professional at Converse A/C & Heating now to schedule your free consultation!

Perform Routine Maintenance to Keep the Heat Flowing

It happens too often…People finally make it through the long hot Texas summer and thank the heavens for the first cold snap of the fall. But the thanksgiving doesn't last long, because when they fire up the heater they make a horrible discovery. It isn't working.

Wouldn't you like to avoid this scenario? Well, you can. Don't let your heating system be an afterthought just because it doesn't get as much use as you're A/C. Instead, contact us and let us keep your heat pump and furnace regularly serviced. This will ensure that when it finally does get cold, you and your family will stay safe and warm.

Is Your Furnace Running Efficiently?

Maybe your furnace is firing up when you turn it on. However, it's not uncommon for an unmaintained heating system to run inefficiently. Why get your furnace repaired and make sure it's in great running shape?

  • Fixing your furnace will keep you safe — When we're talking about gas heat, maintenance is of the utmost importance. A leaky furnace could result in carbon monoxide poisoning or even explosions.

  • A repaired furnace lowers utility bills — Maybe your furnace is doing its job, but that doesn't mean it isn't working harder than it should. And if it's clicking on and off when it doesn't have to, then you're needlessly running up your electric bill.

  • Your smoothly working furnace will keep you cozy all winter long — What it comes down to is comfort. If you want to stay warm and comfortable this winter, let us repair that furnace.

Get Your Heater Working Right Now

Whether you need a big fix or standard maintenance, Converse A/C & Heating is the company you can trust to get the job done quickly, correctly, and at an affordable price. Call us now at (210) 659-1353 and let's take a look at your heating system!

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